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sometimes i feel the music is the only medicine.

The Roots new single off their upcoming album “And Then You Shoot Your Cousin” Coming Soon on Def Jam Recordings.

spatial maximization. lol.

spatial maximization. lol.



Cabeza Barber Shop.

Cabeza Barber Shop.


Dark Knights.

Rick Ross

—Devil Is A Lie

Miss Me With The Anti-Thanksgiving Talk

Happy Thanksgiving.

As many of us know, the history and origins of this day are dark and depressing. It wasn’t a celebration of unity between two very distinct groups of people coming together for the greater good. It was the Natives being humane and saving the Pilgrims’ collectives asses only to be stabbed in the back. So I don’t find it problematic for those to bring up and highlight the lack of cohesion between the myth of Thanksgiving and the actual events as they happened.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that no one I know is celebrating the history or the events of the actual first holiday hell day. Yes, as presented, it’s a sham. I mean no disrespect to those people or to Native Americans, but so the fuck what? For the most part, the people celebrating today want nothing to do with the Pilgrims or their legacy. They do not celebrate the unjustified slaughter of Native Americans or the desecration of their history. They do not celebrate the lies and deceit this day carries.

No. Today is a day to celebrate your friends and family. To sit and contemplate that in the grand scheme of things, you most likely don’t have it so bad (even if you hate your career path, have had the most struggle ever in finding employment and have no idea when it is going to end). I don’t think it’s unfair for someone to share a moment with their loved ones, stuff their face two or three times, watch some football, and maybe play dominoes as you listen to Fernandito Villalona.

Just because you celebrate and enjoy today does not mean that you are evil or stupid or unaware of the dark history mentioned above. If someone approaches you and speaks to you as if you are clueless, let them know that if they wanted to keep it all the way real, they would boycott ALL Holidays. Let’s run down a list real quick: President’s Day (they owned slaves), Christmas (based on a mythical figure), Veteran’s Day (who get ignored soon as they come home), Labor Day (the people who do the most labor work on that day), Independence Day (3/5 of a human being), Valentine’s Day (cupid my G?? aight) etc etc. So unless you definitively say fuck all holidays, just leave Thanksgiving alone. Pick your battles.

theme song for today.

Colored Scholars: Politics As Usual


Last night, the city of Lawrence voted to oust its first Latino Mayor ever, Willie Lantigua. Interestingly enough, it was in favor of its second Latino Mayor, Dan Rivera.

I’ve met Willie and he’s a good guy, but has gotten a terrible reputation for being “crooked and corrupt” leader of a “damned”…


Struggle. Yeah yeah, another sign that God love you.
Cause on the low, being po’, make you humble.
Keep they names in my rhymes to try and keep them out of trouble.
Cause being po’ also teach you how to hustle.

- Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

Kanye West

—Whole City Behind Us


—Rule The World From The Sky